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Benjamin Buttice - Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting

Collin Ingram - Bass, Production

Garret Carr - Drums

Ben Wahamaki - Synth

Kris Smith - Mastering




“I want to wake up smiling and sober for once in my trash bin life” laments Denver, Colorado based Sour Boy, Bitter Girl frontman Benjamin Buttice on the title track of the band’s new EP ‘Witchy Women’, due out January 6th.

Following the 2015 release of the EP ‘Mule,’ Buttice and his band, armed with a new label deal, hit the studio to record their third full length LP, a follow-up to the acclaimed 2013 release ‘Days After The Fire’. Unfortunately the release was met with seemingly endless delays and Buttice’s long time backing musicians resigned their positions, leaving him frustrated and somewhat hopeless for the future of Sour Boy, Bitter Girl.

“I went in with love in my life and hope for the future. I walked out of that studio, two months later, having lost that love to the ether.” says Buttice, describing the situation. “Having watched those players decide they just didn't have passion for the project anymore. Having the release schedule completely shot. I walked out of that studio with just a faint memory of that hope.”

Eventually Buttice turned back to songwriting as way of coping with the unfortunate situation.

“I wrote these two songs about the experience of watching, helplessly, as it all fall apart. Of wanting to fight. Of trying to fight. To keep these things. I wrote these songs about eventually realizing that I'd grown ‘tired of chasing dreams through flames.’"

“I went into a different studio, months later, with different players, while the future of that full length album was unclear, to record these songs—to capture them before the feeling faded, and reclaim some domain within my creative self. Garret Carr, drummer for Elway and Harsh Birds, and proponent of trailer living and wandering, drummed on these songs. Collin Ingram, and a friend who stuck with me through all of the mess, played bass and engineered. Neither, likely, knew that they were participating in an exorcism. Here's to them.”

Witchy Women will be available on all digital music outlets on January 6th. Sour Boy, Bitter Girl’s third full length LP is set for release in the Spring of 2017 on Strange Light Records.